This program is a two-part series conducted over a period of 20 months. Feldenkrais Practitioners and Trainees following the completion of their second year of training are invited to apply.

    The 2015-2016 series will focus on pre-locomotive development.  The 2016-2017 program focus will be the development of and transition to upright locomotion.

    Each year this program consists of one 3-day Intensive in the Fall, 6 weekends of ATM and FI Practicum from October through May, and one FI observation weekend in the Winter. You may join the program in the Fall of 2015 or Fall of 2016.  The Fall Intensive can be taken as a stand alone advanced training.

    Through rigorous study and practice of unique ATM® and FIsm lessons designed to deepen understanding of the highly conserved building blocks of human movement and action the program offers a potent developmental perspective. Both series will serve to significantly quicken the pace of your engagement with and mastery of the Feldenkrais Method® inspiring a new level for creating positive influence (more…)



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Awareness Through Movement ®
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Program Dates for 2016-17
2016-2017 Training

Feldenkrais Focus ATM & FI Practicum:
November 4*-5-6, 2016
December 2*-3-4
January 13*-14-15
February 3*-4-5 FI Observation
March 10-11-12 Spring Intensive
April 21*-22-23
May 5*-6-7
May 19*-20-21
* Study Group(optional)

On Movement Right and Left

Watch Sheryl speak about application of one of the fundamental properties of movement

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